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3/16/24— Podcast — Questions to Ask Recruiters

12/31/23— Podcast — Career Goals for 2024

11/11/23— Podcast — Critiquing 10 Real Resumes

11/4/23— Podcast — The Art of Giving A Referral

10/21/23— Podcast — The Art of Quantifying Results

10/7/23— Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #14 - Mike Henry  

9/30/23— Podcast —  Targeted Job Searches

4/22/23— Podcast —  Why People Continue to Quit/Resign?

4/8/23— Podcast —  Interview Success Stories

4/1/23— Podcast —  Career Pivots Success Stories

3/25/23— Podcast — Getting at the Root Cause

3/4/23— Podcast — Questions to Ask a Recruiter

2/11/23— Podcast — Your Values in Your Career

2/4/23— Podcast — Quiet Quitting

1/21/23— Podcast — Networking For Success in 2023

1/7/23— Podcast — Optimizing Your Career in 2023

10/1/22— Podcast —Asking For A Raise

1/1/22— Podcast — Career Success Stories in 2021

10/16/21— Podcast — The Hidden Job Market - 2021 Edition - Part II

10/2/21— Podcast — The Hidden Job Market - 2021 Edition - Part I

9/18/21— Podcast — What to do before you quit or resign - PART II

7/3/21 — Podcast — Believers in Business

5/1/21 — Podcast — How to Negotiate Job Offers

4/17/21 — Podcast — Authentic Interviews

4/3/21 — Podcast — When to Optimize Your Career - Part II

3/6/21 — Podcast — When to Optimize Your Career - Part I

2/6/21 — Podcast — The Impact of Following Up

1/2/21 — Podcast — 13 Success Tactics

12/19/20 — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #8: Scott Klein

12/5/20 — Podcast — Career Recovery From A Big Mistake

11/21/20 — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #7: Eddie Dunn joins the program. Eddie is a national thought leader, speaker and author addressing military transition and employment. He has been pivotal in getting 650,000+ veterans hired in corporate America.

10/17/20 — Podcast — How to Find a Hiring Manager One of the hardest things to do when in a job search is to discern who a hiring manager is for a posted job. Learn a few of the tips needed to think through what can be a daunting task but can also make all the difference in landing a job.

9/19/20 — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #6: Lois Hoffman joins the program. Learn about her career pivot from professional juggler to acclaimed author and self-publishing book coach.

9/5/20 — Podcast — Difficult Interview Questions. What happens when you go to an interview and it’s nothing like what you expected? The questions come at you from left field and you are not sure what to do or say. Listen to ways to prepare and answer them.

8/15/20 — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #5: Sacha Connor joins the program. Learn about Sacha's career with a Fortune 500 firm, how it proved pivotal to her becoming one of the leading thought leaders on virtual work, and what leaders must do to optimize this new reality.

8/1/20 — Podcast — What is Networking? Networking can be a word that is easily tossed around and used in many ways. It’s almost beyond essential for conducting an effective job search or to optimize you career on an ongoing basis. It’s also pivotal for a business owner. Come learn the basics and more of how and why you need to build a formal and strong network.

7/4/20 — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #4: Stanley H. Greene joins the program. Learn about Stanley's amazing career and expertise in building resilience and sustainable, positive skills especially during these challenging times.

6/20/20 ​ — Podcast — The 13 Biggest Mistakes by Recruiters and how it impacts you as the candidate. In these challenging times with so many unemployed, the recruiting profession (both internal and 3rd party recruiters) need to step up their game. Basic mistakes hurt everyone – the candidates and how a potential employer is viewed and much more.

​6/6/20 ​ — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #3: Faizun Kamal joins the program to talk about her non-conventional approach of not giving up on her career aspirations in spite of cultural and gender challenges. Faizun is founder of the Franchise Consulting Company in D.C., a member of the Forbes Council, a master networker, writes for national publications and recognized by The Tory Burch Foundation as "A Woman to Watch".

4/4/20 — Podcast — Part II - COVID and your Career continues and broadens best job search practices in the midst of the virus crisis. Ed discusses best practices to focus on, inclusive of video interviewing and much more.

3/21/20​ — Podcast — Part I - COVID and your Career looks at the initial outbreak of the virus and the impact on the job market. Ed explains his initial thoughts on what TO DO and NOT TO DO related to your career and job search.

3/7/20​​ — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #2: Judy Miller joins the program to talk about her amazing career pivot in going back to engineering after a 25+ year hiatus and the many twists and turns along the way. She is now an Engineer again and loving it!

2/1/20​ — Podcast — The Hidden Job Market looks at an often overlooked strategy in landing your next job. Many people underestimate the importance in tapping into the hidden job market if they stay fixated on a warm lead strategy exclusively. Ed shares several ways to enter this arena and makes no bones about the fact that it's not easy or fast and takes a strong level of persistence.

1/18/20​​ — Podcast — Career Spotlight Series #1: Julie Kovaleski joins the program to talk about her journey from school teacher to regional marketing and publications manager for one of the fastest growing local community magazines in the USA.

1/4/20​ — Podcast — ​Resolutions for 2020 to Optimize Your Career Ed kicks off 2020 with 13+ suggested best practices in moving your career forward.

12/21/19​ — Podcast — Cold Calling looks at why people are so hesitant to talking to someone they do not know especially when in pursuit of their next job. Lisa E Platt, President of West Valley Women, Phoenix, AZ is a master networker and coach. Lisa gives us tips on how people can overcome the fear of cold calling.

12/7/19​ — Podcast — ​Age Discrimination looks at why it's real but what you CAN do about. Ed highlights specific actions that can be taken to mitigate the concern of age when needing and wanting to stay active in the permanent job market.

10/5/19 — Podcast — Optimize Your Resume: DOs and DON'Ts looks at the very first book written by Ed Samuel, available here.

9/7/19 — Podcast — What Does It Take To Be A Consultant looks at various avenues where consulting may be a good fit to expand professional experience while bringing new income to the table.

​8/3/19 — Podcast — Advanced Networking and the IT Job Market with special guest Greg Plum.

7/20/19 — Podcast — Be Well with special guest Liz Brown, Life Coach of Be Well Life Coaching.

7/6/19 — Podcast — Image looks at one's behavior as an impact to impressions. Guest is Eileen Kevany.

6/15/19 — Podcast — Negotiating Job Offers Listen as Robin Bond shares her essential strategies to ensure your resume is the very best it can be given all the variables in play. She is one of the top USA employment attorneys and a frequent legal contributor to all major news networks.

6/1/19 — Podcast — Applicant Tracking Systems — Do's and Don'ts with
special guest, Lynne Williams. Learn about employment application
systems that audit and screen resumes and steps you can take to get
through this part of the infamous black hole. Lynne is a coach and leader of
Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group.​

5/4/19 — Podcast — Is there a smoke detector for your career? If you are
working and if suddenly you got tapped on the shoulder and found yourself
unemployed, would you be ready for the job market? Resume, formal
network, social media, interview skills, career choices, tools and much more.
If the answer is no, you need a smoke detector for your career. This program
talks about actions you can take as an insurance policy in case you get that
tap on the shoulder.

​4/6/19 — Podcast — Not being called back after an interview What should
you do after an interview, when the employer or recruiter goes silent? You took
the time to invest in a firm and they then stop all communications, leaving you
wondering, "What next?" This show spotlights key actions you can take to
help the cause.

​3/2/19 — Podcast — Behavioral Based Interviewing Many firms do not
perform a a traditional interview, they enact a method of interviewing
called behavioral or competency based questioning. If not prepared, it
can result in a poor interview experience. This program examines the types
of questions asked and how best to be ready or them.

2/2/19 — Podcast — Volunteering and Your Resume Why is adding your
volunteer work to your resume so crucial? This program discusses reasons
why and uses real life examples in how it's helped candidates in the past.

​​​​1/19/19 — Podcast — Are you underemployed? Are you fully-employed?
Many times, we work for a firm or a boss and ask the question, "Is this the best
place for me at this point in my life and career?" This program challenges both
you and the person who is leading you with 6 key questions you need to ask.

​​​​​​12/8/18 — Podcast —Part 3 — Secondary Sources of Income We conclude our​ three-part series on secondary income sources. Toni Wagner, of Frannet, discusses absentee franchise ownership and Andrew Carlino, of Pillar Real Estate Advisors, explains steps needed to acquire income generating properties.

11/17/18 — Podcast — Part 2 — Secondary Sources of Income Part 2
of a three-part series. We discuss additional incomes sources such
as career assessment consulting and networking marketing. Examples
include Pampered Chef, Stream Energy, Nerium, Isagenix and more.

​11/3/18 — Podcast — Part 1 — Secondary Sources of Income and Why It Matters First-part of a three-part series on the importance of securing another income stream in today's "At Will" environment and step through various ways a person can obtain part-time income.

​​10/6/18 — Podcast — References — The Dos and Don'ts includes a
practical set of guidelines in building, maintaining and using references
in your job search and career. We also field questions from our 9/1/18
program on The World of Internal Recruiters.

​​9/1/18 — Podcast — The World of Internal Recruiters An inside look at
what you need to do about internal recruiters and how they can or cannot
help you cause in a job search. We field follow-up questions from
our program's previous show on Building Networks.

8/11/18 — Podcast — The Importance of Building Formal Networks for Your Career We answer follow up questions from listeners on how
to leverage your personality during interviews.

7/21/18 — Podcast — Your Personality and Interviewing This segment
features follow up questions from listeners on resumes. ​

​7/7/2018 — Podcast — The Biggest Mistakes Made on Resumes We
feature special guest Richard Buckingham, whose career includes 30+
years working as a WL Gore Plant Leader.

​6/23/2018 — Podcast —​ Introduction to Optimizing Your Career


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