The Kinetic Faith Show

The Final Stretch

Hammer Time in Allegheny County

Manheim Parents for Change

Our Kids, Our Choice!

Establish Justice at the Gate

Moms for Liberty

Peeling Back the Onion

Election Security

What Happened to My Cheese?
Guest: Melissa Smith

Victory Against Vaccination:
The First Domino Falls

Guest: William Mulgrew
Guest: Steve Wilson

Critical Race Theory &
Options for Parents

Guest: Dr. Carol Swain
Guest: Mark Neihls

Recalibrating to Fight the Good Fight
Guest: Wade Millere

Party Politics:
The Role & Reality
Guest: John Trigg

Finding Out Who Stands With Us
Guest: Barb Furman

Host: Dan Burton
Guest: Joel Saint
Warriors of Today

Empire Strikes Back
Guest: Dwight Wegman

What it Means to be 
Truly Organized

Election Integrity
Guest: John Archer

Smoke & Mirrors with the GOP
Guest: Sam Faddis

Getting Back Our Roots
Guests: Aaron Keller & 
Denise Colantuono

You Don't Deserve My Vote
Guest: Rob Metzger

Waking the Sleeping Giant
Guest: Dave Golowski

Oley School Board Candidates
Guests: Zack Fatkin & Maria Bogdanova

Oley School Board Candidates
Candice Corle
Campaign Manager Dan Petino
Knowing Just Enough to be Dangerous

Making Your Vote Count
Guest: Doug McLinko

Our Reluctance to confront Socialism
A couple from Cocalico offer perspective

Exposing the underbelly of
a school board near Pittsburgh

Tiger moms in Cocalico
calling for air support

Getting off the bench &
into the game in Cocalico
Guest: Dan Burton

Resistance From the Right

Kinetic Faith | Taking Back Control of Our School Boards

Kinetic Faith | The Biblical Case for Living Your Faith Kinetically

Kinetic Faith: Our Mission